Pigeon Partners

Terms & Conditions

Your social contract on this website / community is paramount.

Be honest.

Do what you say you’re going to.

Be nice.

Be prompt.

Be transparent.

Be responsible.

Use your common sense.

Mutual respect is a prerequisite for using this platform.

Be honest and prompt in all your dealings.

Be a good friend.

Selling or buying using this platform is a privilege, not a right. Your use of this platform can and will be suspended indefinitely if you don’t respect and abide by these terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions

By using our website to view, bid or purchase racing pigeons or avail of any other implied or offered services – you are bound by the following Terms & Conditions;


This website is owned and operated by Colúir Teoranta, T/A Pigeon Partners, a registered Company in The Republic of Ireland, Company Number 620272.

Throughout the rest of this document, the use of the words “Us”, “Our” and “We” refers to Pigeon Partners, whereas “you” means the user of our website, Pigeon Partners, whether in its “.com” or Facebook form.

We reserve the right to make changes without notice, and although we make every attempt to ensure that the information portrayed is correct, we cannot accept any legal responsibility for errors, financial losses, omissions or inaccuracies.

Our role here, as a business, is to facilitate and conduct the sales of racing pigeons to willing and interested buyers. We cannot accept responsibility for any costs, damages, expenses or the condition of (Dead or Alive) birds purchased on this site. That contract exists solely between the Buyer and the Seller and shall remain so at all times.

Server problems, power cuts, force majeure and other circumstances may require that sale deadlines are extended – we reserve the right to do this as and when we see fit.

Registration / Bidding Legalities

Those intending to register and bid should be over the age of 18 years old and be in a position to form a legally binding contract with us, as happens when they register.

In order to place a bid, you must be registered. You may use a screen name or your real name as the visible option for bidding purposes. In certain cases a deposit or credit card approval may be required prior to bids being accepted.

Registrations may be refused by us at our discretion, as may the implied right to bid or use any of our websites.

From time to time, information becomes available in respect of certain lots for sale, we reserve the right to alter or remove these lots without notice. If removed, all related bids placed prior to the lot removal will be termed void.

Bidding Operations

We operate an “Anti-Snipe” feature, meaning that if a bid is placed on a lot within the final 5 minutes, the deadline for that sale is extended by a further 5 minutes.

Placing a bid on a lot is a BINDING operation and you are legally bound to honour it.

Bids must be more than the current bid in order to be registered as the leading bid.

In the case of a commission bid, the commission bid always takes precedence over a “regular” bid by dint of the fact that the bidder has already committed to bidding the higher amount before the regular bidder. This will be the case until the regular bidder exceeds the top level of the commission bid.

Successful Bidders

Successful bidders will have 3 days from the completion of the auction to complete payment of their lot. Payment can currently be made via Bank Transfer for free, assuming all charges are borne by the payer. Credit and Debit card payments are also accepted. Cash on Delivery or Collection is not permitted. An invoice will be issued for all successful bids, and a payment link and bank details will be contained thereon.

Buyers Fees : VAT is payable on the Auction Service Fee levied by Pigeon Partners on the lot. This can vary between 7% and 10.5% of the value of the successful bid, depending on the level of service opted for by the vendor.

In all cases, any and all charges for transactions will not be borne by Pigeon Partners.

Site Currency : Our favoured currencies are GBP £ and Euro – (€). Clients who wish to pay for purchases which involve other currencies will be subject to a 2% surcharge to cover currency conversion and transaction charges.

Non Settlement of Accounts : Successful bidders who do not honour their bids and refuse to complete their payment obligations in a timely manner will be banned from the site and all future auctions. We also reserve the right to notify the authorities and to take any legal action necessary, at their cost, to recover monies and costs.

Lots which have been involved in non-payments may be re-auctioned at a future date by us, at our discretion.

International Clients

We are delighted to accommodate international bidders. We can assist with shipping to almost every other country in the world ! Please check with us before placing a binding bid.


Periodically, we will issue you with site updates, information, news and upcoming event notifications. We will use your email address or your Facebook details to do this. You may unsubscribe from these notifications at any time by using the options at the foot of each email you receive

Bid Increments

If auction price is between 0 and 100 the bid increment is 10

If auction price is between 100 and 500 the bid increment is 25

If auction price is between 500 and 1000 the bid increment is 50

If auction price is between 1000 and 5000 the bid increment is 200

Bids for auction prices in excess of 5000 will be in increments of 250

The currency of the auction will depend on the vendors’ choice. Please familiarise yourself with the bidding currency prior to committing to a bid.

In the case of a commission bid, the commission bid always takes precedence over a “regular” bid by dint of the fact that the bidder has already committed to bidding the higher amount before the regular bidder. This will be the case until the regular bidder exceeds the top level of the commission bid.

Proxy / Commission Bidding

A “Commission Bid” can be enabled by simply bidding more than the minimum bid. You can input the maximum amount that you are prepared to bid on the lot. As the bidding increases on the lot, your commission bid will be used to keep you at the top of the bidding list, but only at the instance of other bidders placing bids and only ever just by enough to make you the leading bidder. Once your commission bid is exhausted, you revert to becoming a “regular” bidder.

These “auto-bids” keep you in the lead by placing a bid for you whenever you’re outbid. When you’re outbid, Pigeon Partners will place the minimum allowable bid until you win the auction or your auto-bid is exceeded. You can increase an existing proxy/commission bid by placing a higher value bid. No additional bid will be placed if you lead the bidding. You cannot decrease the value of your auto-bid.

How Proxy Bidding Works

If your proxy bid is below or equal to the reserve, your maximum auto-bid will be placed. If an existing auto-bid is greater than yours, your auto-bid may also jump to it’s maximum, and be immediately outbid. If your auto-bid exceeds the reserve, a bid will be placed equal to the reserve. You will then lead the bidding until your auto-bid is exceeded. If another member places a bid equal to your auto-bid, your maximum auto-bid will be placed. It will appear as two consecutive bids from you.

Auto-bids have priority over normal bids of the same value as they were placed earlier. Proxy bids are never visible to auction participants. In the event of a tie, the earliest bid takes precedence.