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A Little Bit About Us

A Multi-Faceted Business
Founded in 2016

Pigeon Partners is a multi-faceted business which is involved exclusively with the sport of Racing Pigeons.

Founded in 2016 by Steve O’Dea as a vehicle to promote and sell racing pigeons for some friends, we now find ourselves operating in promotion, marketing and sales of racing pigeons on a worldwide basis.

The superior services we offer to our clients are based on the partnerships we have formed with all of our service suppliers, whether it be video, photography, logistics, social media marketing, website development or simply the sale of a small but exclusive draft of pigeons.


Our Buyers Services include;

Our Sellers Services include;

Additional Services to Fanciers Include;

A Little Bit About Me

Steve O'Dea

Steve O’Dea has been involved with racing pigeons since being a youngster, had a long break whilst he reared a family and returned to the sport in 2010.

He possesses a degree in Business, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship and enjoys the challenges that modern business presents.

A fan of long distance pigeon racing, and the owner of a select few families of old Irish racing pigeons, he partakes happily as a “back garden” fancier in old bird races, and like everyone else, is awaiting his day in the sun!