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Paul swindell total clearance sale - sale 5

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Paul Swindell – Total Clearance Sale 5….in Paul’s own words…

As we were putting together the Total Clearance sale for Paul Swindell, we have been very mindful of grouping similar birds together so that everyone has a chance to obtain something.

Part 5 of Paul’s sale is probably the most special part so far, in it he has included the birds with which he planned to breed the birds for him to compete from France and possibly further for years to come.

To this end we asked him to say a few words about each of the birds for sale.

Lot 1 GB 18 H 21444 Chequer Hen

The very best I have to offer – small to medium, apple bodied, her children will fly 14 to 16 hrs on the wing. Super hen

Lot 2 GB 17 L 04051 Blue Chequer Cock

No.1 cock of this pair he has bred birds to fly Talbenny and Bude this is the cock I had planned to go to Lot 1.

Lot 3 GB 17 C 48408 Ash Chequer Hen

You will not get better Tom Marshall based bloodlines – 1/2 sister to 10th St. Malo old bird Derby

Lot 4 GB 19 A 47526 Light Chequer Hen

Perfect size and shape to fly 14 to 16 hrs on the wing, this is my type of bird and will improve any distance family flying into Ireland.

Lot 5 GB 19 A 47527 Light Chequer Hen

Nestmate to Lot 5 these are from the base birds that have provided most of my success – Broken Wing & The Dutchess. Perfect for any distance loft.

Lot 6 GB 20 C 39520 Blue Chequer Hen

It took me a lot of time and persuasion of Geoff Preece to obtain this hens Sire. I firmly believe these are the type of birds that will consistently fly into Ireland from International distance races.

Lot 7 GB 19 F 31909 Blue Chequer Hen

An absolutely super hen from my No. 1 breeding pair. I really anticipate great things from the offspring of this hen.

Lot 8 GB 19 L 00704 Blue Chequer Hen

This hen is identical to Lot 7, perfect in every way and just the type capable of flying 14 to 16 hrs on the wing.

Lot 9 GB 20 C 39546 Blue Cock

If I was looking for a cock to go to any of the Broken Wing/Dutchess hens Lots 4,5,7&8 then this is the one – absolutely perfect for producing 14 to 16 hrs on the wing type birds. Small/medium sized, perfectly balanced – he has it all.

Lot 10 GB 16 C 49583 Red Hen

Absolutely beautiful, she is the very best Hen I ever bred from Red Bull. I will really miss seeing her in the loft, has bred birds to fly from France for myself.

Lot 11 GB 20 C 39364 Black Hen

It truly breaks my heart to sell this hen – she is the 1st child of Sunset Lady that has left the loft and whoever gets her is getting a cracker, again small to medium in size, apple bodied – my very best.

Lot 12 GB 20 C 39563 Black Cock

Bred to race BICC into Ireland from the International racepoints. Has it all and I can’t wait to see the future results down from this stunning cock. In my opinion he is perfect for any of the hens in this sale.

Lot 13 GB 20 C 39487 Light Chequer Hen

Exactly the same as Lot 11, my very best and what I would have continued to race from France with. The performance of her dam proves the genetics are correct.

Lot 14 GB 39500 Pencil Blue Hen

Any of my birds that have a special ring, like a triple no. or ending in 00 has always been special straight from the time of ringing and this hen has it all – she has the perfect size, her offspring will fly forever.

Lot 15 GB 39488 Black Chequer Cock

Like Lot 12 he is perfect for any of the hens in this sale

Lot 16 GB 20 C 39555 Blue Cock

Another triple number ring, always special, another super cock

Lot 17 GB 19 A 47534 Bl Chq Hen

When I heard about the Pea Hen I knew I had to have something off her. This Hen is a small hen just like her G/dam, apple bodied and light enough to fly from dawn to dark.

Lot 18 GB 21 P 32417 Black Chequer Cock

I only had 3 cocks this way bred, 2 have already been sold and whoever gets this cock will have something to build a family around – a super specimen.

Lot 19 GB 20 C 39611 Blue Chequer Cock

Pauls Gift – 5th St. Malo, paired to my own Sunset Lady – 3rd Lamballe. Closely related in the back-breeding these bloodlines will produce winners for years to come.

Lot 20 GB 20 P 44520 Blue Hen

Same way bred as Lot 19, this time a hen, and she is super small, apple bodied and the perfect example of an Irish distance bird.

Lot 21 GB 20 P 44576 Dark Chequer Hen

For the 1st time I am letting a child of what I believe is the best racing hen I have ever owned leave my loft this would never have happened had my health held out – a super young virgin hen

Lot 22 GB 21 P 32413 Black Chequer Cock

Probably one of the last birds I ever bred and what a way to bow out. Extreme Heat 4th Nat Quimper paired to his G/daughter Le Mans Queen 1st Irish region BICC Le Mans. Le Mans Queen gave me more satisfaction than any other bird in nearly 50 years and this cock I know will breed something VERY, VERY SPECIAL.

Thank you for supporting my total clearance sale and for all the kind words – Paul Swindell.


These birds are at the Vendors loft, ready to be shipped worldwide. Our delivery coordinator, Jonathan, will be in touch with successful bidders to assist them with collections, meet-ups or deliveries. Please direct any further enquiries through the contact page on the website :

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