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Auction Ends 14/01/2023

Paul swindell total clearance sale - sale 4

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Sale 4 – Paul Swindell Clearance Sale

This 4th sale is the first containing birds which Paul hoped would breed his winners of the future. Buoyed by the performance of Sunset Lady and Little Dove – both winning good prizes in the INFC Lamballe Friendship National – he knew he had the bloodlines to produce top results, even without proper training and preparation. As he has said many times, Sunset Lady’s 3rd National result was 100% the bird as all the preparation was wrong. He was and is still totally convinced that he had put together the best family of birds he had ever owned or raced in nearly 50 years in the sport.

At the beginning of 2020 Paul believed he would be able to recover to a position to do his birds justice and push on with his dream to conquer distance racing from race points like Agen, St. Vincent & Barcelona.

He carefully selected his breeding stock and set about breeding a 2021 race team and replacement breeding stock to replace his ageing breeding stock in future years. He had his own family of birds, into these he crossed the very best of small team flyers from England. He then carefully selected young birds for either the race team or to go to the stock holding aviaries. His criteria for breeding stock was always size. Shape, balance and a good eye.

After selection he found that the best ones he had selected bore top performing bloodlines and ancestry, INFC Gold Medal winners, Kings Cup winners, NIPA Silver Medal winners, 1st Nat. BICC winners and / or ISRF gold medal winners.

Then, added to this, he had the best Jelle Jellema bloodlines, recommended by Jelle himself and grandchildren of 6 x 1st International Barcelona winning birds.

This sale offers birds that Paul believed would bring him future success, now the opportunity is there for the serious distance flyer to succeed in what is the ultimate challenge in pigeon racing, flying from France and beyond into Ireland.


These birds are at the Vendors loft, ready to be shipped worldwide. Our delivery coordinator, Jonathan, will be in touch with successful bidders to assist them with collections, meet-ups or deliveries. Please direct any further enquiries through the contact page on the website : www.pigeonpartners.com

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