Auction Ends 03/12/2023

Pat McAteer Total Clearance Sale

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Total Clearance Sale – Pat McAteer (Newry)

Due to family caring commitments, it has been forced on Pat to give up his pigeons. A hard working clubman within his Club and the sport, Pat is disappointed with this outcome but realises that he does not have the time to give to the birds which they both need and deserve to make them the top racing team which he intended.

This current team of birds was assembled over the past couple of years with a view to competing at the longer races from the UK with a longer aim of potentially challenging in the French races. Pat spent lots of time examining results and performances before settling on his chosen suppliers, based on the bloodlines and families which they were working with.

In this sale of 50 birds, there are pigeons attained from the bloodlines of Joel Verschoot (Breeder and Racer of the one -time most expensive pigeon in history “Armando”), Dean Childs (Prolific UK Long Distance racer), Mark Gilbert (Well known to all as a super Barcelona and other International races competitor) and G. & C. Cooper (Successful International Long Distance Racers). Pat’s good friends at Gibb & Byrne, Kingsway Lofts, TAB Sawyers, John Wheatcroft and others saw to it that nothing but their best families found their way to Pat’s lofts in Newry.

In addition to the stock birds already mentioned are his 2023 team of birds bred for racing, which sadly never made it that far. They are bred from the aforementioned stock birds are ready for pairing for 2024 in the stockloft. Take a look at the extensive breeding details and notes that have been supplied with the birds – reflective of the time and care taken to assemble this fine colony of racing pigeons. Incidentally, Cormac O’Hare (Newry) received a gift of some of these Young Birds this season, and successfully timed all 6,  from 6 sent, in the INFC Young Bird National.

The birds are currently with the vendor and will be available for collection or delivery following the completion of the auction. The birds have been seen and handled by us and they have completed a successful moult and are in the top of their health. Arrangements for collection or onward delivery of the bird can be made with us following your successful bids – delivery throughout Ireland and the UK, and further afield can easily be arranged. Please note that the sex of 2023 birds is not guaranteed.

The bidding for this sale begins on Thursday the 23rd of November and will finish on Sunday, December the 3rd 2023. We welcome all and any queries in relation to this sale – please email us at [email protected]  quoting the birds ring number if the enquiry is specific to a bird.

All the best from the team at Pigeon Partners !