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O'Neill Family Lofts 2023 Sale

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The O’Neill Family Lofts 2023 Sale

Liam, and his 2 sons, Martin and Gareth, have been dedicating themselves to long distance racing in a very serious way over the past number of recent years – epitomised by their successful and relentless pursuit of top class bloodlines through loft visits and auctions during that period. Success has followed, very quickly, with a number of spectacular performances from France – culminating in the 2023 achievement of being in the exalted company of only two other fanciers to prize from all 3 of the main French races ! 

The development plan for them continues, with preparations already in play for the 2024, 2025 and 2026 racing years ahead and firmly at forefront of their endeavours. A major part of this preparation is making sure that the “shape” and “size” of their colony is as good as they can make it for the tasks ahead. With this in mind, the partnership has decided to release a fabulous draft of future stock birds due to being somewhat overstocked. Brothers and sisters of these birds still remain at the Larne lofts, an integral part of their current and future plans for success ! 

The partnership had attempted, for many years, to compete at all distances with their birds but found this difficult to manage. In recent times, the emphasis has been on specific distances at various stages of the bird’s development – all geared towards the French races when the birds are 2 and 3 years old. (Although they will be sent as yearlings if they have flown some of the YB program). A significant feature of the birds for sale is how many of them have many multiple performances in their breeding. Brothers, Sisters, Parents, Aunts & Uncles all feature as performers from the French race points.

The birds are currently with the vendor and will be available for collection or delivery following the completion of the auction. The birds have been seen and handled by us and they have completed a successful moult and are in the top of their health. Arrangements for collection or onward delivery of the bird can be made with us following your successful bids – delivery throughout Ireland and the UK, and further afield can easily be arranged. Please note that the sex of 2023 birds is not guaranteed.

The bidding for this sale begins on Thursday the 7th of December and will finish on Sunday, December the 17th 2023. We welcome all and any queries in relation to this sale – please email us at [email protected]  quoting the birds ring number if the enquiry is specific to a bird.

Happy bidding from the team at Pigeon Partners !

Below is a summary of the stock base at the O’Neill loft and upon which the bloodlines of this sale run. Martin O’Neill admitted to me recently that the partnership was incapable of supplying better birds from their lofts, as these birds are at the core of everything that they are doing for the future. 


“Joe” : Top class National performance racing Cock. Bronze Award winner, having prized from France twice, achieving 3rd Nat. St. Malo in 2015 and 46th Nat. in 2014. He flew France again in 2017, just out of the prizes. He is of Delbar and Walkingshaw breeding and was a huge part of Hugh Boyd’s stock loft and long years of French racing success.  

“Dawn” : Achieved 3rd Nat. St. Malo in 2019 and bred down from the No. 1 pair at Hugh Boyd’s stock loft. She is a daughter of “Bleachgreen Melda” who was 54th Open INFC Kings Cup at 497 miles, as well as being Dam to numerous French performance birds. 

“Martha” : Bred by Hugh Boyd. She is dam to “French Lady” – 3 x France. The hen herself flew France twice, being 11th Nat. St. Alloustre in 2016 and 4th Club from the same racepoint in 2015 – all at 497 miles ! 

“Paula” : Bred from 2 Walkingshaw performance pigeons, her sire “Mr. Blue” flew 3rd Open St. Malo in 2016. Her Dam flew 5th Nat. in 2016. Most importantly, “Paula” is dam to “Gracie Girl” – see below for details. 

“Gracie Girl” : 2nd Nat. BICC Ireland from Guernsey, only 2 birds home in race time. Her nestmate flew 215th St. Alloustre in the Kings Cup. Sired by a Billy Brooks Cock “Goliath” he is out of the 4 x Thurso Cock, when paired to a daughter of Fenagh Lass, 5th National Thurso. 

“Lady Scarlett” : Another Billy Brooks pigeon. She is out of “Hercules” (Sire 27th Nat. France) x “Carow Lady” (Dtr. Of 4 x Thurso Cock). She is Dam to 27th Nat. France and Grand Dam to 25th Nat. France. 

“Sunset Lady” : 3rd National Lamballe. Walkingshaw Cross 

“Tami Girl” : 2nd Nat. Kings Cup, Dtr. Of  1st Open Kings Cup 2006 (“Malconeys Dream”). 


Sale Summary : A select draft of 20 Birds 

“Joe” – 8 Children, 10 Grand Children 

“Dawn” –   1 Son, 4 Grand Children 

“Martha” – 1 Daughter, 2 Grand Children 

“Paula” – 1 Son, 7 Grand Children 

“Gracie Girl” – 1 Son, 7 Grand Children 

“Goliath” – 2 Grand Children 

“Lady Scarlett” – 1 Daughter 

“Tami Girl” – 2 Daughters 

“5 Times France Hen” – 2 Children 

“Malconeys Dream” – 3 Grand Children 

“Sunset Lady” – 1 Son 


The list could extend further, but in summary, the very best of current channel flying and French racing genetics have been combined at the lofts to produce what the O’Neill’s are now referring to as “their colony” – and why not – significant investment, hard work and dedication is what has got them their results – with more to come, a loft to watch!