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Auction Ends 2/04/2024 - 3/04/2024

NI Hospice Charity Sale 2024

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N.I. Hospice Charity Fundraiser

The Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice is the benefactor of this Auction Sale of 2024 Young Birds by some of the finest racing pigeon lofts in Ireland. The vision of NI Hospice is as follows – “Our vision is that infants, children and adults with life-limiting and life-threatening illnesses and their families, receive palliative care of the highest standards, thereby maximising their quality of life” – ideals that we can all recognise and appreciate.

Their mission, in the pursuit of the vision above states “Is to inspire and deliver excellent and compassionate specialist
palliative care via effective service models underpinned by exemplary education, innovation, and research”. This, married to a set of values such as 

  • a culture of respect and acceptance without distinction or judgement, where everyone can belong
  • acting with courage, compassion, and integrity to add value to all that we do
  • to be pioneering, professional and accountable to deliver our very best

When initially approached by Don Smyth to help run this fundraising auction for the N.I. Hospice, we asked Don what helped him decide on this charity as a worthwhile cause, his reply was heartfelt ;

“Hi Steve just a few lines on how I got involved with doing this charity auction.  A friend of mine finds himself in a position that no parent should have to go through. I have always thought that no matter what the problem is, I will do everything I can to solve the issue regardless of whether it is family or friends, but this is one issue I can’t fix so I’m feeling totally useless.

I thought why not try to help the people who do the hardest job, and are there to support the families at the worst possible time when they are losing a child. That organisation is the Children’s Hospice N.I and that’s how this fundraiser has happened. Strangely enough I was up North last Wednesday and on the lunch time news was the lady in charge of the Hospice on saying how they’re in a bad way financially and are having to close some beds and cut back on the services they provide for the families. That evening she was on Nolan live saying basically the same thing. Hearing this has made it all the more important now to do all that is possible for them. Not that it wasn’t important already but this has me feeling the pressure a bit, but it’s all for a good cause.”

Don has assembled a fantastic number of donors from the finest racing lofts in Ireland, representing all the disciplines of Sprint, Middle and Long distances – whether it is single bred youngsters from the stock loft or kits of young birds bred for racing – it’s all here. The auction will commence on the 26th March and finish over 2 nights, on both April 2nd and 3rd. Lots will begin closing at 7pm on each evening.