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Glenrory Lofts - Long Distance Bloodlines Late Bred Sale

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Long Distance Bloodlines – Late Bred especially for Stock….

Glenrory loft proudly present a latebred sale of their very best Irish Sea Racing bloodlines. Based in the town-land of Kilwaughter, outside the ferry town of Larne in Co. Antrim, the father and son team of Liam, Martin & Gareth O’Neill, race in the very competitive section C of the mighty NIPA (Ireland’s largest pigeon racing organisation) as L O’Neill & Sons.

Their speciality had always been racing young birds from the channel liberation points such as Bude, Talbenny & Penzance. Indeed, it is from these race-points that they have achieved great success over the past 5 seasons. However as work and family commitments increase, they have decided to build on their successes from French races and only keep birds that are bred for the long distance races into Ireland. Their intention is to race old birds only from France, and perhaps further if the opportunity presents itself.

To help them achieve this, they have invested heavily in acquiring breeding stock, that has been proven on the toughest race routes in Europe (France into Ireland). They were the top purchaser at the clearance sale of top French route racer Hugh Boyd from Randalstown. From this sale they acquired 2 different 3rd national winners “Joe” and “Dawn”. The purchase of “Martha”, 11th Nat. INFC Kings cup has added further depth to the stock loft.

The strategy however, was to acquire birds from bloodlines that have been achieving results for many Irish fanciers for years, not just 1-off results. “Joe”, for example, is ½ Delbar and ½ Walkingshaw, two names very familiar to anyone racing birds from France.

In this loft you will not find any latest fad from Belgium or the Netherlands. In Martin’s words “they don’t have the sea in either of these countries, we only want birds that have it in their genetics to be able to fly the Irish sea”

They look for birds that have been proven over generations like the super family of Billy Brook from Carlow. Billy perhaps not a household name to many, has been punching well above his weight for many years on the difficult North road route from race points like Thurso, where the birds have to face not only the Irish sea but the mountains of Scotland (again a geographical feature they don’t have in Belgium and Netherlands). These birds not only fly from the North but also get turned and raced from France proving not only their strength and endurance but their heightened ability to navigate from distance.

These characteristics are essential when sourcing birds to fly from France into Ireland. Birds that can think for themselves – not just follow the flock.

This was highlighted when the loft won 2nd Irish section, BICC National Guernsey 2021. Released in conditions that favoured the fanciers flying into the south east of England, it didn’t favour anyone flying from Ireland. Low cloud and rain on the Irish sea, combined to make conditions that no Irish liberator would have released birds into. When “Gracie Girl” dropped onto the landing board soaked through and with barely the strength to get up to a perch, they knew that they had the birds to fly the route. TOUGH, SMART, BRAVE birds that want to come home. The breeding explained “why” – proven bloodlines – Walkingshaw crossed to the Billy Brook birds.

If you are serious about flying France you need birds that can get home from the distance, birds that can think for themselves if they make a mistake or get caught in a rainstorm, birds that are bred for the purpose. Forget about the experimenting – treat yourself to quality proven genetics on the toughest race routes in Europe.

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