Belgium Speed Pigeons Lot #9


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Sale : Belgium Speed Pigeons

Ring No.: NLD 21-4601541

Lot No. : 9

Sex : Not Guaranteed

Details :

Lot 9


Ring No.         NLD 21-4601541


Colour:           Blue


Sex:                Not Guaranteed


Another superb yearling this time a G/child of “Dion”, “Hellas”, “New Dion” & “Star X”. All the very best of Leo Herman bloodlines crossed with Jam Hooymans bloodlines. A superb addition to any loft serious at competing from 200 to 700 kms.


Sire of NLD 21-4601541 is SON DION, NLD 16-1255416 a son of “Dion x Hellas”


DION super racer and breeder winner a.o.


5th Olympiad Pigeon Cat A Dortmund 2009

1st Boxtel                                 against 19,605 birds

1st Boxtel                                 against  4,054 birds

1st Peronne                              against  3,465 birds

4th Arras                                   against  7,572 birds

4th Strombeek                          against  2,204 birds

9th Geel                                   against  1,469 birds


Descendants of “DION” won a.o.


1st Semi Nat Esaouira (310kms) against 15,540 birds

1st Strombeek                          against 6,727 birds

1st NPO Peronne                     against 6,668 birds

1st Strombeek                          against 5,651 birds

1st St. Job Int Goor                  against 5,547 birds

1st Strombeek                          against 5,547 birds


Hellas Super breeding hen daughter of “Euro & Mysterious”


Descendants to “Hellas” are winner of the following prizes:


1st Weert                                 against 1,992 pigeons

2nd Feluy                                against 4,356 pigeons

2nd NPO Pt St Maxence         against 3,636 pigeons

3rd Quievrain                          against 9,701 pigeons

6th Quievrain                          against 2,210 pigeons

14th Lessines                          against 7,384 pigeons

30th Morlincourt                     against 6,271 pigeons

32nd  Wolvertem                     against 2,059 pigeons

56th Meaux                             against 834 pigeons

57th Quievrain                        against 2,210 pigeons

65th Vervins                            against 1,314 pigeons

68th Tongeren                         against 2,572 pigeons

73rd Asse Zellik                      against 450 pigeons

92nd Morlincourt                    against 6,271 pigeons

93rd Nanteuil le Haudouin     against 1,192 pigeons

Dam of NLD 21-4601541 is BRAVE DION 157, NL 20-1614157 daughter of New Dion x Star X half brother half sister to “Jonge Dion” pairing; Jonge Dion sire of “Blue Brave”


New Dion DV 04295-12-197 ( C v.d. WETERING )


New Dion is sire to


2nd Prov Heusden                    against 13,286 pigeons


½ brother to “Jonge Dion” sire of Blue Dream


JONGE DION a nephew of DION (Leo Hermans) also a G/g/son of FIGO


“Jonge Dion” descendants are winners of a.o.


1st Nat Chateaud                                 against 12,995 pigeons

1st Niergnies                                        against 12,644 pigeons

1st Quievrain                                        against  2,046 pigeons

1st St. Quentin                                     against      947 pigeons

1st Worcester                                        against     797 pigeons

2nd Asse Zellik                                     against  4,091 pigeons

2nd Asse Zellik                                     against  1,897 pigeons

4th NPO Pont Max                              against   6,682 pigeons

4th Prov Duffel                                    against   5,434 pigeons

4th Tewkesbury                                    against      946 pigeons

6th N.U. Issoudun                                against  6,604 pigeons

7th NPO Bourges                                 against  4,814 pigeons

8th Nat Nanteuil                                   against 14,422 pigeons

8th NPO Bourges                                 against   4,188 pigeons

8th Prov Niergn                                    against   6,916 pigeons


+ Many more


BLUE BRAVE  NL 13-1383352 winner of


1st Quievrain                                        against 2,046 pigeons

1st St. Quentin                                     against 948 pigeons

1st Sezanne                                          against 368 pigeons

1st Pt St. Max                                      against 430 pigeons

2nd Asse Zellik                                     against 1,897 pigeons

2nd Pt St. Max                                      against 182 pigeons

3rd Pt St. Max                                      against 1,624 pigeons

3rd St. Quentin                                     against 170 pigeons

4th Pt St. Max (TT)                              against 6,682 pigeons

4th St. Quentin                                     against 474 pigeons

8th Sezanne                                          against 2,856 pigeons

9th Pt St. Max                                      against 221 pigeons

25th Nanteuil                                        against 4,237 pigeons

27th Morlincourt                                  against 8,652 Pigeons

(No double results)

17th Nat Ace-pigeon WHZB-TBOTB Speed 2015


Star X DV 7983-12-0113 ( C v.d. WETERING )


Descendents of “Star X”  are winners of


1st Ace-pigeon Young bird Rayon

1st Boxmeer                                         against 5,708 pigeons

1st Venlo                                              against 3,137 pigeons

1st Epernay District                              against 1,278 pigeons

1st Epernay MMS                                against 1,694 pigeons

1st Weert                                              against    779 pigeons

1st Fay (685 kms)                                against    541 pigeons

1st Heino                                              against    522 pigeons

1st Kalkar                                             against    523 pigeons


+ many more prize winners


STAR X is half sister to the mother of BLUE DREAM (BRAAFJE) super breeder dam of


1st Nat Chateaud                                 against 12,995 pigeons

1st Nat Nanteuil                                   against 14,422 pigeons

1st NPO Orleans                                  against   5,234 pigeons

1st Asse Zellik                                      against   8,237 pigeons

1st Lessines                                          against   8,027 pigeons

1st Quievrain                                        against   2,046 pigeons

1st Isnes                                               against   3,027 pigeons

1st Laon                                               against   2,989 pigeons

1st Peronne                                          against   1,741 pigeons

1st St. Quentin                                     against      948 pigeons

1st Peronne                                          against      536 pigeons

1st Niergnies                                        against       485 pigeons

1st Rekkum                                          against      477 pigeons

1st Pt St Max                                       against       430 pigeons

1st Sezanne                                          against       368 pigeons

1st Oudenaarde                                    against      161 pigeons

2nd Lessines                                         against   4,091 pigeons

2nd Peronne                                         against   3,209 pigeons

2nd Asse Zellik                                     against   1,897 pigeons


+ Many more

Bidder Bid amount Bid time
leecheung 150.00 2022-03-23 14:36:12
Start auction 150.00 15-Mar-2022 13:00:00


Select draft of Sprint/Middle distance pigeons

Birds representing the best of Jan Hermans, Jan Hooymans, Pieter Veenstra and H & EJ Eijerkamp. 


10 superb examples of the cream of European racing pigeons, are offered for sale by Belgium Speed pigeons. 


The loft of Belgium Speed Pigeons have asked Pigeon Partners to bring to market 10 birds impeccably bred and representing some of the very best racing lofts in Europe.  


No expense has been spared in acquiring the parents of these birds and it can be seen from close study of the pedigrees and detailed write-ups on each bird, that there is something for everyone that wants to improve their stock loft. 


From Leo Hermans possibly the greatest of modern-day fanciers, we have the lines of EURO, OLYMPIC 003, De JAN, NIEUWE OLYMPIADE, ROSSI X SPINNEKE, JACKPOT, MYSTERIOUS, etc. 


From H & EJ Eijerkamp we have some of their superb family of Herman Ceusters having been major purchasers of birds from Leo Hermans sale in 2007 and in subsequent years, including the purchase of Nieuwe Olympiade for an amazing 210,000 euro at Leo Hermans sale on PIPA 2013. They have continued the superb legacy of the strain and have amazing and ongoing success with birds like DION, TURBO ROSSI, BEETLE, OLYMPIC VIVIAN and many more. 


The name HARRY is known by all serious pigeon fanciers around the world. This unique cock owned and raced by Jan Hooymans has created a strain all on his own. We have on offer 2 pigeons inbred to HARRY, from Harry and the very best of his children, brother’s sister’s and Grandchildren. Has there ever been another pigeon with such a world-wide influence on performance pigeon racing? 


Pieter Veenstra continues to be one of the most successful modern-day racers, all his best birds are represented in the back breeding of some of these birds. Birds like DOLCE VITA, Mr. BLUE, ROLEX, GUCCI, etc. 


It takes time, money and contacts to accumulate breeding stock so closely related to such great performing pigeons. This is the first time this private loft has offered birds for sale by auction outside of the Netherlands and we are sure everyone will agree QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY.